AS Nuclear Engineering Services was established in 2013 in order to provide services related to the nuclear industry in Hungary, as well as in other countries. AS Nuclear Engineering Services, through its experts, was involved to the implementation of several projects including those under the egis of the EURATOM and the International Atomic Energy Agency. These projects aimed to assist nuclear regulators and operators in capacity building, research and development, and risk management. Moreover, to support operators in preparation of feasibility reports, project planning and implementation of projects.
The AS Nuclear Engineering Services provides technical consulting/advice and engineering activities in the field of nuclear safety, radiation protection, nuclear security and safeguards, including/covering

AS Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear Safety


Nuclear Security

Nuclear Safeguards

Radiation Protection

Project involvements and contributions

established in 2013

Provision of support to regulatory authorities in establishment of regulatory regimes and development of regulations

Provision of support to operators in preparation of submissions, and to regulatory authorities in assessment of submissions

Various lifecycle stages of nuclear facilities: siting, design, construction, operation

Radioactive waste management facilities, support industry to manage radioactive waste including NORMs

Industrial and medical radioactive source users

Development and delivery of training programmes

Translation of technical documents in various languages